Thursday, 1 September 2011

So far, not so good

Well just to keep you all posted -

Ahumenspells - I have a super strong feeling it its the same person as mother deity, the writing styles etc are very similar

Spellcaster - he's very rude. I can't stand it when people are rude even though I'm nothing less than super polite :(

Secretspells - so far nothing to report

Tarot angel - I haven't seen much results but we are still working. We will be talking on skype tonight. Will keep every one posted as soon as any results seen 

Thursday, 25 August 2011

An update - perhaps too soon ?

Ok so Ashra is a scam and a half - thats what I've read and won't be surprised if it's all true. - gave me a shockingly accurate reading with just my name. Either he's for real or my problem is too common and predictable. - I'm still broke so can't pay anyone and still looking for genuine testimonials on him

Away for the weekend so hopefully should have some good reviews when I'm back :( help a girl in distress people!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Spiritual help I have recently resorted to

In the past two weeks I have started working with the following: 

Maja - at very helpful, very accurate tarot readings. She works with reiki healing and I will keep every one posted how the results are coming along. - I have had them cast a spell for me. I have not seen results so far but will keep every one posted on how that goes too. 

Ashra spells: I have recently got in touch with her, again will keep every one posted on how that goes. 

Elena angel - I contacted her for a consultation and she said she could not help myself so I have to say she is honest and not after money. - I have had a reading and it kind of links into what my current situation is but it is a lot more intricate. He is Kentucky based and says he can help me but I am so broke after every thing, it's impossible for me to do that. 

Orisha Ashe - I have ordered a consultation and waiting to hear from her, will keep every one posted. 

Again, please share away your experiences... and let every one know how varied they are. 

Some scams online

Here is a list of people I have personally dealt with and turned out to be scams: - or any derivations of the name - no results what so ever, very clever scam artist - again, any derivations of such a name

I have also talked to: or - I did not trust him as his stories about his location didn't match up (or other derivations) again, I didn't work with him for the mere reason he said he was in Nigeria yet emails showed he was in the Pacific time zone

Below are people who I have worked with, with no results. I am not saying they are scams but maybe their work isn't strong enough:

Cheif Aluko from Miami, FL - paid him up to $700 for a cleansing ritual yet no change in situation two months on
Baba Sixto from FL - paid him a little less than $200 - no results for the spells, two months on now...
Baba at - again, no results

Scams online

Hi all,

I have resorted to blogging and spreading the word about scams and genuine spell casters online. I went through an emotional roller coaster and resorted to spiritual help - still to no joy.

There are so many negative and positive reviews about the same person online it is very hard to decide who you would like to choose to work with.

So this blog is for every one to share their experiences and views on spell casters. I would appreciate no bots and scams and I will try and skim thru the posts very often and delete ones that have SCAM written all over it. I have lost a large sum of money by misleading testimonials and it is heart breaking how people take advantage of vulnerable people.

I hope people can appreciate the purpose of spreading the word and differentiating between fake and genuine.